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recommended nutrionals

Greens First offers an incredibly tasty high-quality greens drink, now available in the PRO formulation with 5 highest-antioxidant berries added. Companion product is Greens First Berry PRO, and both blend with Dream Protein Vanilla or Chocolate for a meal-replacement shake. A recently added line includes Female Probiotics, Greens First powder formulated especially for women, and greens to help with menopausal symptoms. Also available: Detoxification, Alkalinizing, Omega 3 Oils, and Rice Fiber products. And now introducing a new product line especially for children.
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Outstanding food and supplement formulas for health - highest quality control – DFH requires Certificate of Analysis for every lot of product.
Call 1-800-847-8302 when placing an order for the first time; the company will need to know you were directed to them by a qualified healthcare practitioner. After that you will have your own account to log into for ordering online or by phone. Designs for Health Professional Products

OxyPowder colon cleanser, ParaTrex for intestinal health, and liver/gall bladder flush protocol.

For unsurpassed immune enhancement, 4Life Transfer Factor products. Order directly from the company, or available from various online vendors.

Unique soil-based probiotic Primal Defense and Perfect Food, via Poten-Zyme™ fermentation process. Available at health food stores, online, or at in-person sessions.

Organic and wild-crafted high-potency herbal formulas from the Belize rainforest by Dr Schulze at American Botanicals.

Soaps, deodorants & household products 100% free of chemical additives, solvents, preservatives. Safe for your body and for the environment.

Young Living Essential Oils offers more than 300 high quality EO singles and blends, providing remarkable and varied healing effects.

Organic herbal farm founded in 1987 committed to sustainability and the principles of ethical stewardship of the land. Mountain Rose provides superior herbs, teas, essential oils, personal care products, and bulk ingredients.