Dr Hulda Regher Clark, a pioneering biochemical physicist and naturopathic doctor, died on September 3, 2009, at the age of eighty. Dr Clark saved the lives of thousands of patients with exacting but simple protocols for most known modern diseases, including cancer and HIV/AIDS. While working with a number of plant medicines already known to assist in clearing the body of parasites, she identified just three that, when used correctly and in specific combination, could eliminate most parasites. This was important not only in the developing world, but increasingly in the developed world as well.

Dr Clark made several brilliant discoveries. The most important were these: (1) Every serious illness is associated with and can be traced to a specific parasite. (2) Each of these parasites is associated with a particular toxic metal or chemical which, when stored in the human body, provides a symbiotic “safe haven” for that organism. (3) Industrial solvents – traces of which can be found in almost all personal care products and household cleansers – enable parasites to persist in the human body, rather than being spontaneously and routinely eliminated, as was the case prior to the 1960s. It is this persistence over the long term that creates multiple deleterious effects that can ultimately destroy health.

All of the bad news from these discoveries was balanced by good news, for Dr Clark also discovered that every pathogenic organism had a signature Hertz frequency that, when transmitted electrically, would kill it. She devised an instrument called a zapper that could be set to various frequencies in order to eliminate infection or disease. Through painstaking research over many years she was led to her discovery that each organism had this signature ‘elimination’ frequency. Moreover, that the causative organism itself could be identified by the nature and symptoms of the presenting illness; and finally, that it could be cured using the appropriate frequency. The voltage needed to combat microscopic organisms was so minute that it did not disturb the human energy field or have any ill effects on the patient.

Because the liver is so central to eliminating toxins, and because detoxification is impaired when the liver itself is toxic, Dr Clark popularized a liver flush that had been used as a home remedy for generations but nearly forgotten in the modern era. The key aspects of Dr Clark’s treatments are herbal remedies, electronic zapping, and liver and gall bladder detoxification, as well as avoiding the solvents and heavy metals that led to the problem in the first place.

Readers may not be familiar with Dr Clark’s work because it has been aggressively suppressed and denounced by the pharmaceutical and medical industries along with their allies in the US government. She treated people at her low-cost clinic in Auburn, California, for many years until she was harassed into leaving the country. She thereafter moved her lab and offices to San Diego so she could maintain her clinic just over the border in Mexico. Among the hallmarks of Dr Clark’s prodigious humanitarianism are that she worked tirelessly despite threats and intimidation well into old age. She did not operate for-profit businesses; her treatment protocols, books, and tested-pure herbal products are still available at cost, for amazingly low prices in this difficult economy. Due to her inability to treat the large numbers of patients wishing to see her, she accepted only the most severe, those with end-stage terminal illness; and yet the recovery rate of those seeking treatment was above 90%. She believed in empowering health consumers and felt that less severe cases would respond well to following the protocols she made available through her books and online.

Dr Clark was dedicated to freedom of speech, expression, thought, and religion as well as freedom from suffering. This she demonstrated in death as well as life by requesting that memorial donations be made to Amnesty International, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, and the American Civil Liberties Union. To visit her memorial website, go to  www.InMemoryOfDrHuldaClark.com.