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Why Proposition 8 is a Mistaken Concept

My previous posts to “Madolin’s Blog” have focused on health and nutrition information. Today, however, I am posting an article I wrote during the California election of 2008 because it is relevant to issues the Supreme Court will be hearing beginning this week on the constitutionality of Proposition 8, the ban on same-sex marriage in California. After 4-1/2 […]

What you can do about toxic fragrances

Toxic Fragrances versus Organics and Aromatherapy While some devotees of cologne and perfume like their fragrances long-lasting, they may be unaware that it is phthalates – causing the disagreeable odor at the nail shop – that act as a perfume fixative, retaining the smell for 24 hours and sometimes much longer, even after clothing has […]

Signs of Progress in Limiting Environmental Contamination, Part 3

Air “Fresheners” Last month Jane Kay reported on a coalition of environmental groups petitioning the federal government to “crack down on air fresheners, products that scientific studies show can aggravate asthma and pose other health risks” (SFChron, 9/20/07). The Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, Alliance for Healthy Homes, and the National Center for Healthy […]