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sound healing
singing bowls Experience the innate healing power of the human voice. You may be surprised at how effective this modality can be, especially for neurological conditions. Sound travels on magnetic waves that are both potent and penetrating, as anyone who has played a digeridoo, felt ceremonial drumming up close, or had an MRI scan, can attest. Using the voice for healing elicits spontaneous vocalization – sometimes musical but just as often nonmusical. Drums, bells, chimes, rattles, whistles, flutes, or other instruments may be used as well. The tones continue their subliminal vibration in the hours after a session, leaving the client in a state of profound relaxation.rilke

Background: Madolin has been using sound in her healing work for 25 years, and without conscious thought of doing it since childhood. She has worked with other sound healers to re-sacralize the earth in New Mexico where nuclear testing took place, and off Kaho'olawe in the Hawaiian islands, site of 50 years of military target practice. Madolin has made pilgrimages to do sound ceremony at sacred sites in Egypt, in the south of France and across the Pyrenees into Spain where Cathars were burned at the stake during the Albigensian Crusades, deep within the Haleakala Crater on Maui, in the Netherlands where the cult of the Black Madonna is strong but where sacred sexuality is not yet in balance, and in Iao Valley, also on Maui. While swimming in the waters of Kealakakua Bay and chanting mele of gratitude to nature for its beauty and abundance, she received an unexpected blessing in response to the sounds from spinner dolphins residing on the far side of the bay.

She has studied and worked with other sound healers, sung to the sick and dying at bedsides, and performed musically in a wide variety of disparate styles and venues, from small a cappella ensemble to musical theater, symphony and opera choruses; folk, country, blues, jazz, ethnic, tribal, sacred chant, ancient, and contemporary. Madolin is available to sing at welcoming ceremonies for newborns. Her first solo gig was an enthusiastic rendition of "Oh, Let the Sun Shine In!" to an assembled parish at age four.